Editing Services

Invisible Ink offers several different levels of editing, including developmental editing, line editing, and final proofreading. We can also bundle these services, so you know you’re getting everything your manuscript needs. To get a precise quote for your manuscript, submit your manuscript for a free sample edit.


Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is a vital step in the editing process, and should take place before any other professional editing services. With a developmental edit, we will read your entire manuscript and provide you with a full critique on the plot, characters, tone, style, and anything else that requires your attention. Your manuscript does not have to be complete at this stage; after we’ve returned our feedback, we expect you’ll want to spend some time reworking your manuscript before it’s ready to undergo the next stage of line editing. Read more about developmental editing

Price: Starts at $0.0075/word

Line editing

Our line editing service is best for authors who are happy with the overall plot and style of their novel, but need help addressing syntax issues, minor plot or character inconsistencies, repetition, and underdeveloped scenes. We highly recommend a final proofread following this step and before publication to find any last errors or typos. Read more about line editing.

Price: As a standalone service, starts at $0.02/word


Proofreading is a service that looks only for grammatical errors, typos, and language inconsistencies. This service typically occurs just before a manuscript goes to formatting and publication, and is only available for manuscripts that have already been through a professional line edit. Read more about novel proofreading.

Price: As a standalone service, starts at $0.0085/word

Editing Bundles

For authors who wish to bundle two or more editing services, we offer packages at discounted rates. This allows you to get all of the services you need at a lower price. We highly recommend editing bundles, because it strengthens the editor-author relationship, and it allows authors to take the most logical and efficient path to publication.

Bundles are priced on a per-project basis. For more information, please contact us directly.

Bundle 1: Critique + Line Editing

Authors who want to receive overarching feedback on their story first and take time to revise before a line edit will want to consider this option. This bundle is ideal for manuscripts that need help at the developmental stage as well as with line editing.

With this bundle, your editor will perform one full read-through of the novel, after which you will receive a custom critique along with a style guide to aid you and your editor in the revision process. Once you’ve had time to integrate the recommendations from the critique into your manuscript, you will return the revised manuscript to your editor for a full line edit at a reduced per-word rate.

Note: This bundle does not include final proofreading. We always recommend a final proofread before publication.

Bundle 2: Line Editing + Final Proofread

This bundle, which includes a full line edit + style guide followed by a final sweep for grammar and punctuation, is ideal for manuscripts that are already well developed and ready to be prepped for publication.

With this bundle, two different Invisible Ink editors will be reading, reviewing, and revising your manuscript.

The first editor will provide a full line edit and return it to you to accept or reject changes. Then you’ll send the manuscript back, and a different editor will perform a final proofreading sweep for grammar and punctuation. After that, you’ll be ready to consult your formatter and proceed with publication!

Bundle 3: Critique + Line Editing + Final Proofread

Bundle 3 is the complete package for authors looking for guidance from the conceptualization of their novel through to the final proofread before publication.

This bundle includes all three of our editing services: a critique + style guide, a line edit, and a final sweep of your manuscript. As in Bundle 1, you will first receive a critique and style guide from your editor, and then take time to revise and incorporate their suggestions. Next, you’ll return the manuscript to the same editor for a full line edit. After accepting or rejecting changes, your manuscript comes back to us back one more time, and a different Invisible Ink editor will complete your final proofread.

Novel Formatting

Once your manuscript has been fully edited and proofread, it’s important to format your novel to industry standards. Invisible Ink will help you align chapter headings, margins, text breaks, and fonts, so that your work looks beautiful in any of the most common e-book formats. We also offer book formatting for print. Here are our prices:

SMASHWORDS $29.95 $44.95 $15
AMAZON EPUB $39.95 $54.95 $20
PRINT $59.95 $94.95 $25
E-BOOK BUNDLE $59.95 $79.95 $35
ALL SERVICES $99.95 $159.95 $40


Additional Editing Services

Back Cover Blurbs

Crafting the perfect back cover blurb is something of an art. We’ll edit a draft of your blurb and help infuse it with just the right amount of mystique while avoiding cliches and other common pitfalls.

Price: Flat rate of $25

Style Sheet

It can be tricky to keep track of all the different characters, spelling, formatting, and grammar rules used to make your book as clean and cohesive as possible. We’ll put together a professional style sheet for you to use as reference on future revisions, or for subsequent books in a series.

Price: Flat rate of $25 when purchased with any of the individual services

*A style guide is complimentary for all bundle packages

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