How do you know we mean business? Listen to some of your fellow authors.

Tony Hernandez, The Devil’s Blessing 
“Having worked with several editors at Invisible Ink, I can say with the utmost confidence that they are, across the board, fantastic to work with. Their work is timely and thorough. They pull no punches with their editing services. They will cut and slash your work to make it the best possible experience for your reader, and make your voice that much more powerful. Highest of recommendations.”

Ogi Ogas, A Billion Wicked Thoughts
“Liam provided thoughtful and attentive editing on my science nonfiction book and was always quite courteous. Recommended!”

Jade Hart, Ocean Kills
“Leah did a fabulous job at watching out for things I asked her, and provided perfect changes and notes. She also helped guide me on a few areas that I needed work on and was lovely to deal with. All my emails were returned promptly… Will use Leah for my other books for sure!”

Meinos Kaen, Children of the New Era
“Looking forward to working with Samantha again. Every single edit was spot on, and it improved tremendously on the book’s pacing. Hell, she’s the reason why I decided to change the book title to a new and better one. You never know how important an editor is until you work with someone as professional as Samantha.”

Savannah Page, When Girlfriends Step Up
“Liam grasped my writing style and voice and kept them in mind from start to finish during his detailed edits, providing solid work that tightened up my novel, but that also maintained the story’s original voice and feel. I’m very pleased with the value, his turnaround, and his availability to answer any questions I might have post-edit. I’m looking forward to working with him again!”

Hannah MeredithA Dangerous Indiscretion
“Leah has been a joy to work with. As a former college English instructor of the dreaded Freshman Comp., I thought I’d caught all my errors. Alas, I was not even close. Leah saved me from arriving in print with some truly embarrassing typos and goofs. I was also impressed by her willingness to explain the reasons behind her suggested changes—and they were always solid ones. She helped make the editing process painless. I’ll definitely be using her again.”

Elyssa Patrick, As You Wish
“Liam is an awesome copyeditor. He caught everything I’d missed and has a great turnaround rate. I loved working with him, and highly recommend him to anyone!”

Cate Beauman, The Bodyguards of LA County Series
“I can never thank Liam enough for his excellent editing skills. I attribute much of my success to his hard work. Liam does a thorough job, catching the most minor of errors with a wonderful turnaround time. He grasps my style and voice and suggests changes that make each novel stronger. Liam is simply the best. I can’t imagine working with anyone else!”

Kate Bellamy, A Good Old-Fashioned Rebound
“I highly recommend Invisible Ink Editing. Leah was extremely thorough, catching all my various grammar slip-ups and giving me some great plot advice. I feel my novel is tighter, cleaner, and a much better read thanks to all her hard work. I very much enjoyed working with her and will be back with my next novel!”

AD StarrlingSeventeen Series
“Liam worked with me on King’s Crusade, the second book in the award-winning supernatural thriller series Seventeen. I found his full critique and his subsequent proof read thorough, exceedingly constructive, and to the point. I was very impressed by how he ‘got’ me, understood my writing voice and style, and how to make my writing and the novel better. I was also very happy with how accessible Liam was for questions and how prompt and professional he was in every aspect of my dealings with him. That said, Liam comes across as a genuinely great and fun guy as well! I will most definitely be using Liam and his team for my future books!”

Carol Strickland, Three Worlds Series
“Samantha Gordon and Invisible Ink Editing looked at two of my books, not only checking grammar but also basic plot, logic, pacing, etc. I couldn’t be happier with the result! My Word documents were returned with numerous edit/comments as well as separate documents that discussed the various aspects of the novels. And when I told Samantha that maybe both books would be better if they were condensed and combined, she went back to detail suggestions on how I could do that. The push now for indies is to get everything professionally prepared. A biggie along the way is professional editing. I will be returning to them for future work.”