What do I need to do before I submit my manuscript?​

Before you submit for a professional edit, it’s strongly advised that you show your work to a group of readers. These are your “beta readers,” and they’re essential to the editing process. We offer our own beta reading service that will give you professional feedback on your work. You should also have read over your manuscript and performed any edits you can find on your own.

How can I be certain I’m getting a high-quality edit?

We offer all authors a free sample edit of the manuscript they are considering submitting. This allows us to show you what we’re capable of, and it also gives us an opportunity to assess your work for pricing points and turnaround.

How is pricing determined?

Pricing is based on a sliding scale, determined by how much work we estimate is needed and the level of editing requested by the author. We do our best to offer fair pricing after reading a sample, but occasionally we need adjust the pricing mid-project if the editing level increases or decreases. We always let our clients know of any pricing changes well in advance.

How is payment handled?

All payments are made through PayPal. Authors submit payments in two installments—half at the beginning of the project and half upon completion. Don’t have PayPal? Signing up is easy, and it is completely free to use!

How early in advance should I book an edit?

The earlier, the better! Our schedules fill up quickly, so if you know you want our service and have an estimated date of completion in mind, send us an email and we’ll add your project to our schedule.

What style of editing do you follow?

We use the Chicago Manual of Style as our preferred guide, and we are well versed in the differences between US and UK English. We are also happy to accommodate any personal style preferences, provided we are made aware of them prior to the beginning of the editing process.

What is the meaning of life?

One of the most beautiful aspects of the human experience is that our purpose here is a mystery. Don’t ponder it too hard. Instead, revel in the enigma.

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